OperaNorge (OperaNorway) is a network of opera producers in Norway.

The network was established in 2008 with the purpose of improving conditions for the art of opera, to increase and exchange expertise among local producers, and to facilitate cooperation among the different member institutions. OperaNorge’s ambitions are in harmony with the Norwegian Parliament’s stated goals for the art of opera; the association works to demonstrate, refine and implement the government’s directives for on a national level.

OperaNorge has 19 members. Among them are The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, regional operas, district operas and a number of other organizations that coordinate the interaction between professionals, amateurs and volunteers.

OperaNorge is a member of Opera Europa.

Contact address:

OperaNorge c/o Hanne M. Nordengen

The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet

P.o. box 784 Sentrum

N-0106 Oslo

E-MAIL: hanne.nordengen@operaen.no

Tel. 0047 98492215

OperaNorge (OperaNorway) is a network of opera producers in Norway